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Thank you for visiting the Laughter Network web page.

In June 2014, we celebrated our 10th anniversary! We held a conference and laughter party in Manchester, with Dr Kataria as our special guest.

It has been a special ten years where the Laughter Network has brought together laughter professionals, starting at a time when laughter based work was very new and there was a clear need for an organisation to support us, and to help us share experiences and learn together.

Now, ten years on, the laughter movement has grown, and looking to the future our members have said it is time for a change. We have together chosen to create an organisation of equals where members together all run the network - there will no longer be directors or a committee.

This is an exciting development for us, enabling members to create the shape and energy of the network.

So to support this change, we are building a new website. The prototype will be here at the start of September. If you are a laughter professional you may like to be a member: you can be part of the support network with meetings, peer support and event invitations, and can be listed on the webpage.

In the meantime, until the new website is here, you are welcome to contact us at: